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体育运动s Scholarships and 资金

体育运动s Scholarships and 资金

Committed athletes with a track record of achievement can win a sports scholarship or funding.

Build on your sporting success

We award sports scholarships and funding every year to students who:

  • have achieved highly in sports
  • want to build on their success and represent the University


You must be:

  • a current student in any year of study, or
  • an undergraduate or postgraduate applicant with a place at 纽卡斯尔 University


  • have achieved senior or age group representative honours at national and/or regional level in the last 12 months, and/or
  • be a member of the National Governing Body’s (NGB) performance squads, or equivalent

You must commit to:

  • improving in your sport
  • representing the University in British Universities Colleges 体育运动 (buc) events, where applicable

体育运动s scholarships

To be eligible for a scholarship, you must compete in one of the following Performance Clubs:

  • American 足球
  • 羽毛球
  • 篮球
  • 击剑
  • 足球
  • 高尔夫球
  • 曲棍球
  • 长曲棍球
  • 初中的
  • 划船
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • 南瓜
  • Table 网球
  • 网球
  • 排球
  • Waterpolo

If your sport is not listed above, you can still apply for sports funding. 看到 体育运动s funding below to find out more.

是一个 体育运动s Scholar, you must:

  • be a student at 纽卡斯尔 University
  • represent the University
  • compete in British Universities Colleges 体育运动 (buc) events, where applicable
Scholarship package

Regional/National/International standard within the last 12 months. Students should be part of a National Governing Body Performance Squad or equivalent.


Up to £10k

Services received
  • Individual and/or small group 强度 and Conditioning sessions
  • Access to medical services, including physiotherapy and sports massage
  • Professional coaching
  • Mentoring/lifestyle support
  • Athlete workshop programme covering topics such as sports physiology, 营养, 心理学, 放映, injury prevention and management, and lifestyle management
  • 体育运动 science support
  • Access to training facilities
  • Performance video analysis

体育运动s scholarship applications are now open. The application deadline is Sunday 2 October 2022.

North American Athlete Scholarships

If you’re a North American (NA) athlete applying to study at Master’s level, you could go for our NA Athlete Scholarship. Successful applicants receive either a 40% or 20% fee reduction on their Master’s at 纽卡斯尔. You also get access to all the support services listed in the table above.


体育运动s funding

If your sport isn’t listed, or you’ve reached representative honours but need support, fill in the form. If you’ve been selected for higher representative honours, wait until you know your competition dates before applying.

Applications for sports funding are open all year round.

Disability sports scholarships

If you’re a 纽卡斯尔 University student registered with a disability, you could go for our Disability 体育运动s Scholarship.

You’ll need to be currently representing the University, or performing at a regional/national level for an external club.

Important information for all applicants

Make sure you fill in the correct application form.

We consider all applications for 体育运动s Scholarship and 体育运动s 资金. Awards are at the discretion of the Performance 体育运动 Team. 所有 athletes must buy Silver Level Membership before they can receive a reward.

Learn more

For more information on scholarships and funding, get in touch with the Performance 体育运动 Team: