International Students





申请学生路线入境许可, you will need to apply in time so that you can gain entry for the start of your course and any welcome inductions. For your application to be processed you will need to provide the necessary evidence which confirms that you are able to meet the entry clearance immigration requirements for students.



  1. Obtain your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from Newcastle University.
  2. 如果需要,请提供您的ATAS证书. 
  3. 获得适当的证据来满足 学生路线的维护要求 (PDF: 94KB).
  4. 收集CAS信上列出的原始资格证书. 如果需要,请提供适当的翻译. 
  5. Complete the relevant 网上签证申请表 (除非你是朝鲜国民). 
  6. If you wish to bring an applicable family member or partner with you as a dependant, please remember to include them in your application form and that there is a separate fee. Please read the Dependant guidance on the additional maintenance requirements for dependants.

All applicants will be required to have their fingerprints taken as part of the application process. There may be special requirements in some countries, such as the need to take a tuberculosis test. 

Newcastle University is a 具有合规记录的高等教育提供商. You do not need to include the academic qualifications listed on your CAS to support the visa application. 你仍然应该按照要求包括所有其他的支持证据.

The current visa application fee 每名申请人的 equivalent of £363

您还需要支付 移民健康附加费目前为每年470英镑 of the visa granted. These fees may change so always check the UK visas website for the latest guidance.

Credibility interviews

作为你的学生路线签证申请的一部分, 你可能会被要求参加英国内政部的面试. The visa application centre will notify you if this is a requirement of your application.


您需要确保您的应用程序可以 处理及时,为您参加您的课程开始 以及任何课程介绍和欢迎谈话.

However, you may 不要在六个月前使用CAS申请学生路线 the start of your course. 如果你这样做,你的申请可能会被拒绝.


You should make your application through the visa application centre or your nearest British Diplomatic post (for example Embassy, 驻本国的高级领事馆).

找到您最近的签证中心的详细信息 以及申请过程的进一步指导.


A Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) is an electronic document produced by the University as confirmation that we are prepared to sponsor your stay in the UK for study purposes.

How do I get a CAS?

如果你是未来的学生, your CAS will be sent to you automatically by e-mail from the relevant admissions department after your offer has been made unconditional. This may take a few weeks during the summer when the admissions departments are very busy.

What is on my CAS?

当您收到CAS时,您必须仔细检查CAS上的详细信息. 如有任何错误,应立即通知学校. 

Your CAS will state your personal details and details of your programme of study, such as:

  • 课程名称及级别
  • 学费的收取和支付
  • 入学资格
  • 学术技术认可计划(ATAS)证书(如有需要)


You must provide the qualification documents listed on your CAS when you submit your Tier 4 visa application. Any documents which are not in English or Welsh, must be professionally translated into English. 

You must refer to the 内政部学生路线指导 有关适当翻译的进一步细节.


For some undergraduate and postgraduate courses you will require an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate before you can study in the UK.

需要ATAS的课程可以包括综合本科课程, 以及教学和研究研究生课程. These programmes are predominantly in the science, engineering and medical subject areas. 当你收到你的学习项目的录取通知时, 如果你的课程需要ATAS, 这将在你的录取通知书上说明.


欧洲经济区国家国民, Switzerland, USA, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, 加拿大和澳大利亚不需要ATAS许可.

所有其他有有限留欧许可的国民, including but not limited to the following visa categories:Student Route; dependants; Tier 1; Tier 2 or Skilled Worker; Tier 5; Short-term Study; Standard Visitor; ancestry visa; discretionary leave; asylum seekers leave; spouse visa.


了解您的学习项目是否需要ATAS证书, 你首先需要知道该程序的CAH3代码. 这应该写在你的录取通知书上.

You can also 在ATAS网站上填写问卷 查看你的课程是否需要ATAS证书.


You will need to make the ATAS application in good time before applying for your visa if you intend to study on a Student Route visa; or prior to the start date of your course if you intend to study on a visa of a different category.

ATAS应用程序可以接受 最多30个工作天处理.

Find more information on 如何申请ATAS证书.

如果你正在申请学生签证, you will not receive a CAS from the University before providing your ATAS certificate.

If you are not on a Student Route visa but studying on a programme which requires an ATAS certificate, then we will need to ensure that you have obtained it before starting your course of study.


If you change your programme or area of research, you may need to obtain a new ATAS certificate.


The 生物居留证 (BRP) card is your visa and shows your immigration status and conditions while you are in the UK.

If you are a non-EU international student and have applied to come to the UK for a period of six months or more, you will normally be given a visa in your passport to allow you to enter the UK. You will need to collect your 生物居留证 once you have arrived in the UK. 

Please 按此链接到亚虎官网的网页 查询有关收集生物特征居留许可的进一步信息. 



If you are going to be a student here at Newcastle University you may be eligible to bring your family with you to the UK for the duration of your course of study as a dependant.

Dependants are:

  • 你的丈夫,妻子,民事伴侣,未婚伴侣或同性伴侣
  • 你未满18岁的孩子.

On a student route visa, you can bring the above family members to the UK as your dependants if you are:

  • studying at the University on a postgraduate course (NQF7 or above) for 9 months or longer; or
  • 修读至少六个月课程的由政府资助的新学生.

For further guidance on whether you can bring your family with you to the UK as your dependant, please see the UKCISA website on Student Dependants.

How to apply

来自英国以外的家属最好与你同时申请. Their application should make clear that they are accompanying you and that you will be here as a student. 来自英国以外的家属申请时应填写在线表格. Please refer to the full Dependant guidance for further information.

如果你已经持学生签证在英国, 受养人可以单独申请加入你在英国. 他们需要使用在线表格, and will need to show that they have the necessary maintenance which meets the PBS dependant policy guidelines. If your dependants are applying separately from you sometimes you may be required to provide additional evidence of your relationship.

一旦他们到达英国, 你的家属必须在到达后10天内领取BRP卡. They will need to refer to their decision letter to determine where and when to go to collect the BRP card.

如果你为18岁以下的受养人领取BRP卡, 你必须指定一名负责的成年人来领取BRP卡. 你可以通过向内政部发送电子邮件来做到这一点, details of which can be found on the decision letter when the visa is granted.